The Fellowship Chapel Community Kitchen is an incubator culinary station that will allow food production entrepreneurs the opportunity to advance their business to a more productive level of quality and quantity.

Commercial Kitchen Rentable space comes with:

• Convection Ovens

• Refrigeration Storage

• Freezer Space

• Large Work Areas

• Mobile Security Cages

• Food Production Equipment

The Fellowship Chapel Community Kitchen adheres to strict food safety guidelines in accordance to local health codes and ServSafe requirements.

Affordable Time Slots

The Fellowship Chapel Community Kitchen has a fee structure that includes our per hour time blocks, storage space and food production equipment.

The Kitchen is available from 5am to 10pm, Monday thru Saturday.

* Special accommodations upon request.

  • Baking Expansion

  • Caterer Preparation

  • Food Truck Station

  • Food Service Incubation

  • **Event Space Available

  • **24 Hour Security