Heroes & Heroines Worship Here!

Heroes and Heroines Worship Here!

“Let us not get tired of doing what is good…” Galatians 6:9a

We thank Essential Workers—those who leave the safety of their homes to make sure our community and our church continue to function.

We thank those who’ve made these times easier for others with their Acts of Kindness.



Kevin Earnest—Hazardous Chemical Technician

Melissia Franklin—Nurse

Tracy Jo Gibson—Postal Worker

Marcus Golden—Police Officer

India Gooch—Police Officer

Teresa Hooks—Deli Manager

Delano Hunter—Biomedical Technologist

Rashad Jackson—Grocery Store Clerk

Cottrina Johnson—Nurse

Sandra Johnson—Postal Worker

Jocasta Love-Health Care Worker

Sonja MasonHealth Care Worker

Dr. Jerald Purifoy—Physician

LaToya Rice—Grocery Store Clerk

Deidre Rice—Grocery Store Clerk

Sheila Walker—Health Care Worker

Casendra White—Nursing Home Administrator

Ebony Williams—Grocery Store Clerk, Choir  


Rev. Wendell Anthony—Spearheaded several community initiatives, including $23+ million dollars to secure devices & internet access for DPSCD students.

Rev. Mayowa Reynolds—Worship Leader; Fed thousands of kids during CV19.

Rev. Constance Simon—Sunday School and Worship Leader

Rev. Maynard Golden—Choir

Preston Brown—Choir Director

Rosetta Golden—Choir Director

Megan Davis—Choir Director

Audrey Mabins—Accompanist

Carl Holmes—Accompanist

Maria Barber—Choir

Mario Butts—Choir

Twila Beckom—Choir

Kim Boyd-Johnson—Choir

Marcus Golden—Choir

Summer Golden—Choir

Tony Mackey—Choir

Elizabeth Myers—Choir

Michael Salter—Choir

Tayla Turner-France—Choir

Barry Brown—AV

Jabari Reynolds—AV

Penny Irvin—AV

Jacinta Mba—AV

Rasha Thomas—AV

Hillery Bailey—Facilities Manager

Antoinette McGarvin—Office

John Johnson—Trustee Office

Terry Talbert—Security

Michael Allen—Security

Bill Cash—Security

Paul Douglass—Security



Karen Beaver—Made and donated masks

Keith Bennett —Attended 15 days of Detroit Protests and helped keep peace between citizens and police.

Fredia Butler—Mentoring and donating food

Claudia Carrington—Making cards for Nursing Home residents

Shekitra Green—Made and donated masks

Walter and Ella Hall—Sheltered and mentored a  child for 3 months

Sandra J. Harris—Made and donated masks

Loretta Hunter—Made and donated masks

Ayana Love–Shops for shut-ins; works at food dist. center

Asha McElroy—Helped with CV19 testing

Katie Riley—Organized weekly meetings to check on Seniors.  Volunteered for FC

CV 19 activities.

Corey Robinson—Sanitized the church

Deborah Sharp—Made and donated masks

Patricia Shepherd—Made and donated masks

Sharon Stanford—Filling in for daycare

Cassandra Thomas—Donated food

Alison Vaughn–—Helped with CV19 testing