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Scholarship Application Form

This form has 4 pages

Verification of Church Service Form

To be considered for many scholarships, verification of service in church groups or auxiliaries is required.  Refer to the criteria for the scholarship you are seeking to determine the length of service and number of church groups required.  

Please list each Auxiliary/Group to which you belonged.  For each, please indicate:

  • Whether you were a member or an officer
  • The Calendar years you served (ex:  2017-2021)
  • The number of years you served
  • The name of the Auxiliary/Group leader

Community Service Form

Please fill out a separate Community Service Form for each community service in which you participated–up to 4.  Go to “Next” at the bottom of the page to get to another form. Select “Send” at the bottom of the 4th page, to submit these pages.