XpressionZ of PraiZe Mime Ministry

 XpressionZ of PraiZe Mime Ministry

Automatic Membership

All Men – Facilitates service to the church and the community


Children, 12 Years and younger


Cares for the Pastor’s vestments and adorns the altar.

Usher Boards

Adult Men and Women – Bereavement Services


Girls 4-18.

James E. Wadsworth, Jr. Community Center (JEWJCC)

Works to pair children & improve the lives of youth in foster care.

Amandla Community Development Corporation

More info coming soon….

Freedom Institute


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Fannie Lou Hamer PAC


The purpose of the Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee is to provide an opportunity for education, motivation and the election of both candidates and to support appropriate issues that further the cause of African American primarily and persons neglected and often over-looked by the electoral process, generally.  For more info, click HERE!

Detroit Branch NAACP


“Freedom Knows Only One Direction…Forward!”

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 (*) Denotes Youth Ministries