WCF Officers

PRESIDENT:  Celeste Little



HISTORIAN:  Betty Henderson




WCF History

The Creed of Sisterhood

As we are constantly in the state of blessed creation,

WE BELIEVE in the Great Oneness of God, in beauty and harmony, that is manifest in the universe, that shows us the possibilities of peace in all our human strivings.

WE BELIEVE in the LIGHT of the Holy Spirit, that unites us as sisters under the sun.

WE BELIEVE that our long journey in time and space, from the heart of our mother land to the place where we now stand, has been illuminated by the sacred example of those who lived and labored before us: Isis, Tiye, Makeda, Candace, Esther, Deborah, Mary, Nzinga, YawAsentua, Harriet, Sojourner, and all of our foremothers, whose love, pride, and dignity is our legacy.

WE BELIEVE that we like them, must fulfil our destiny by working for freedom, peace, and justice for all God’s children.

WE BELIEVE that in sisterhood, we find strength. In sisterhood, we grow in commitment, creating change even while sustaining continuity. In sisterhood, we gain the confidence that promotes harmony among us. As we seek the way to true service, we learn that sharing increases our blessings; and that work, and love allows our light to shine among ourselves, our brothers, our elders, and our children.

WE BELIEVE that as sisters in Christ, and daughters of Afrika, we can cast aside all pettiness and collectively solve the crisis of our community; and as sisters, continuously move forward along the path of righteousness!!!


Created by: Imani A. Humphrey – January 28, 1990